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Reviews and Feedback

Lovely chatty family - felt so welcome and comfortable. Really appreciated all the extra info and arrangements made for our photography -it made our whirlwind trip much more relaxing. Food was lovely - by far the best we experienced in India. Nice and clean and overall wonderful.
        - Maresa and Jonathan, Watford, UK

Appreciated the hospitality and warmth of the staff. Good home food and overall ambience.
        - Arunangsu and Arindam, Gurgaon, India

Hospitality was amazing! Loved the food and ambience. Waiting to come back again.
        - Nikhil, Hyderabad, India

Tasty and well prepared food - fresh and diverse. Welcoming atmosphere with friendly hosts who gave helpful advise. Swimming pool was clean and pleasant.
        - Meriem and Francios, Paris, France

It was so nice to stay with such a delightful family especially as I was travelling alone and would have found a hotel both lonely and impersonal. I was totally spoiled by the hosts. The food was amazing - such good home cokking could not be bettered. A great experience.
        - Valerie, Watford, U.K.

Excellent! The service, surroundings, ambience, interior was really good and more ... so haveli gave the touch of being at home.
        - Shrikant, Mumbai, India

Liked the traditional look of the resort. The owners took personal interest and were very warm and hospitable. Staff was courteous. Orchards are well planned and a good place to relax.
        - Mayank, Delhi, India

Liked mostly everything, especially the homemade Squash.
        - Manoj, Noida, India

Feeling of being at home ...
        - Sudhir, Kolkata, India

Great service and personal touch for everything made it a great experience.
        - Pamela, Karan and Kush, USA

Remarkable hospitality, personal attention, warm and welcoming staff.
        - Anupama, Kriti, and Deepak, Delhi,India

A beautiful amalgation of old and the new. nice and friendly host, very helpful.
        - Shefali, Noida, India

Just one word: AWESOME! Keep up the good work.
        - Abhijit, Paris, France

Wonderful property, caring hosts with wonderful hospitality.
        - Sandeep, Chennai, India

Loved the hospitality, cleanlinesss, food. A wonderful experience and an nice place to stay.
        - Kashyap, Mumbai, India

Lovely friendly atmosphere. Great break after the craziness of Delhi.
        - Carol and Deborah, Camerwell, Australia

Great farm house experience. All the facilities like star hotel in farm house, swimming pool, UPS, etc. Ready to prepare food items that the guest wants.
        - Ramavana G., Bengaluru, India

Thank you for a wonderful stay. We felt we were part of the family. The warmth and generosity was fantastic. the food was some of the best we have had. We are sad to be leaving.
        - Margaret and Anthony, Manchester, U.K.

Really nice to meet all the family and talk. Great to have a swim too and everyone was very helpful, e.g. arranging transportation, etc. The food is superb and we felt very well looked after!
        - Frances & Barbara, Spain

Amazing ambience and location. Most important - warmth and welcome by owners and indeed a helping staff.
        - Preeti and Ramnik, Gurgaon, India

Warm and personal service. Enjoyed homemade food.
        - Deepti, Gurgaon, India

[One word:] Excellent! Thank you for hospitality.
        - Mariyana and Nadia, Sofia, Bulgaria

Everyone had a wonderful time all because of the excellent arrangements, good food, entertainment, and above all the special love and affection. Our appreciation to every staff in the Haveli and the dance troupe.Thank you for making our family's visit memorable.
        - Shetty family, Mumbai, India

Service and kindness seldom matched anywhere else.
        - Sreyas, New Delhi, India

The place has been done up passionately and the owners really make you feel at home. Loved the hard work put into farming. Tractor ride was a great add-on.
        - Neha and Ravi, Gurgaon, India

We had a lovely stay at Green Acres Haveli! Nice room, great service, fantastic fresh organic food, a lovely garden to relax, special treats like the bonfire with local drinks made the stay special. Overall fantastic hospitality. Thank you!
        - Dagmar, Eva and Aafke, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cherished farm, nature, warm atmosphere, and service.
        -Hradyesh, New Delhi, India

The bonfire before and after dinner were a particular highlight. The tractor ride and guided tour by Dr. Singh of the different fruit trees was also appreciated.
        -Karen and David, Scotland, UK

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Food very good. Great help to organize onward journey.
        -Sally and Hameda, London, UK

Nice farm, homely well-kept environemnt. Wonderful breakfast menu as well as the food.
        - Richa, Ghaziabad, India

The outdoor life was particularly good. Bed very comfortable and nice linen.
        - Sue and Alan, Exmouth, UK

We liked the warm welcome, the relaxed atmosphere, the carefully planned environment and the hospitality of our hosts - attentive without being over zealous. We really felt like friends who were being entertained. It was also lovely to be in the countryside, away from the city hustle. And the food and cocktails were just wonderful.
        -Jackie, Cornwall, UK

Like the hospitality, warmth, and home like atmosphere. Enjoyed the open landscape, waking up to the chirping of birds, and yummy Punjabi food.
        -Jaya and Pradeep, Chennai, India

Overall a nice experience of stay, eat, and do nothing apart from soaking sun. We thoroughly enjoyed.
        -Biplab, Chandigarh, India

A perfect relaxing homely atmosphere. Thank you for the kind hospitality.
        -Tike and Leonard, Le Barroux, France


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